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Fishing Report 8/8/18

Abundant rainfall has been the story this summer in WNC.  Typical afternoon storms and showers coupled with several days-long rain events have water levels up and trout fishing has been better than average.  With a cold front expected to move through over the next few days along with afternoon showers, this weekend looks promising for great summer time trout fishing.  Bigger rivers deserve the most attention early in the morning or late in the evening, but small and even medium sized steams are fishing great all day.  With water levels up, unless you are on a small stream or seeing rising fish, nymph fishing will likely be the key to success.

North Fork French Broad

As the water drops and whitewater boaters wait for another big storm, expect great fishing on the North Fork.  Fish are feeding heavily on big stonefly nymphs, inchworms, and yellow sally nymphs below the surface.  Take precautions wading through the gorge at high water and make sure you’ve got enough split shot to get the flies down to the sweet spot.  A girdle bug or 20 incher with an iron sally dropper would make a great rig to start with on the North Fork.


East Fork French Broad

The East Fork is typically not worth mentioning this time of year, but I keep hearing good reports.  The state did a stocking a few weeks ago, which of course helped but my assessment is that with the water being up all summer, the fish have stayed spread out and most bait and gear fisherman do not fish unassuming areas.  If you’re looking for easy roadside access, hit the East Fork with a girdle bug and pheasant tail dropper.  If you don’t pick up fish in the most obvious runs, explore some of the pocket water or sections farther away from the road.


Davidson River

All the rain we’ve been experiencing has the Davidson fishing much better than average for August.  It’s best to hit the river early for the best bite window and to avoid the masses of tubers floating down the river midday.  You might fool a fish on a terrestrial dry or inchworm but look to subsurface flies for best results.  Small soft hackles along with yellow sally or sulphur nymphs have been good producers.  If you can’t make it out early, look for good evening hatches of yellow sallies and sulphurs in the last hours before sundown.


Small Streams

Small stream fishing has been excellent of late.  Bigger small stream fish have been moving about more freely with the elevated water levels we are experiencing.  Don’t be afraid to throw big foam with a girdle bug hanging below if you’re searching for a small stream monster.


Smallmouth Bass

Not happening for a while.

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