Just you, us and the fish on the water: perfect.

As professional guides who spend over 200 days a year on the water, we here at Headwaters Outfitters recognize that public trout waters in the Southeast are under a lot of stress. The Pisgah National Forest and surrounding area where we work are within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the nation’s population, and even the most remote brook trout streams are seeing more angling traffic as an ever-growing population of anglers seek out the solitude of wild trout water.

The result is more and more overcrowding of popular public waters and heavily pressured fish that are harder to catch. Realizing this, Headwaters has strengthened its commitment to protecting existing resources, promoting catch-and-release regulations and spreading out angling pressure among different streams. But that, unfortunately, is not enough to provide every fly fisher with the privacy and quality of experience they seek.

That’s where our Private Waters come in. Located 15-20 minutes from our River Shop, our private water offers fly fishing the way it used to be: peaceful solitude, colorful trout in a wild, forested setting. Rainbows and browns on our trophy section run from 9-inch wild jewels to four-pound bruisers who explode into the air when hooked. Because the river bottom is private property (we lease both sides), the only visitors allowed by law are our customers.

Looking for a Premier Private Water Destination with Accommodations?  Check out our West Fork Fishing Cabin!